WRI Mentorship Program
The Water Resources Institute (WRI) has embarked on implementation of its mentorship program. WRI started by  piloting the program with first batch of young and mid-career ladies from the mainstream Ministry of Water and Environment, central with a plan to expand the program to include both women and men in the  wider water and environment sector. The mentees were drawn from the three MWE directorates (DWRM, DWD and DEA). 30 mentees applied, however only 26 mentees who participated fully in the six sessions of the program graduated. Additionally, the Institute recruited 10 strategic female-mentors with a wide range of experience from the MWE retired Professionals scheme and in-service key sector partners and players.     This piloting mentorship cycle focused on technical in water and environment field of practice and leadership, confidence building, strategic thinking and decision making, critical thinking and communication skills.  This mentorship cycle was conducted in partnership with Girls for Girls (G4G) and Contours Consult Limited with support from Water Aid Uganda.

The overall objective of the WRI-Mentorship program is a career-development fellowship that seeks to mentor young and mid-career professionals in water and environmental related fields of practice by catalysing and strengthening their scientific and leadership skills. WRI-MENTORSHIP program is a trigger to awaken young and mid-career professionals’ capacity for management and development of water and environmental resources among networks of professionals across Uganda and beyond.

Strategic Objectives (SO) for the WRI-MENTORSHIP Program

SO1: Establishment of partnerships and collaboration with key strategic partners in the water and environment sector 

SO2: Engagement of key professionals to provide services to the WRI to undertake mentorship and internship scheme of young and mid-career professionals in water and environment Fields of Practice 

SO3: Mentor young professionals to deliver professional services in the water and environment Fields of Practice 

The key outcomes of the program are:
  • Establishment of a pool of people with:
    • Leadership skills who are ready to take on leadership positions in future.
    • Positive attitude change from “laid back” and/or “negative’ to becoming proactive and positive and take ownership for their success, growth and development.
    • Built confidence to step up and add value to management and development of water and environment resources.  Increased participation in decision making and engagement  in W&E sector
    • Learning agility to value and seek out the lessons of experience, ability to influence and communicate information and ideas.
    • Increased Productivity and improved communication skills among others
  • Creation of a pool of mentors who will continue to support the WRI-mentorship program.